Karamoja Uganda
For Life was founded in 2005 by a group of people working in the aviation industry in response to an
emotional plea from Combonian Missionary, Father Marco Canovi.  Our first appeal was launched to
provide much needed funding for a new school at the Christian Mission in Kotido Karamoja. Father
Marco told a harrowing story of life in Uganda with drought, famine and civil war all contributing to the
daily struggle for survival. Father Marco ignited the flame of our humanitarian concern. His resilience
against the overwhelming odds he found was remarkable and inspiring to all of us.

Our team of  unpaid volunteers is small, but enthusiastic and positive about making a real change, seeking
out innovative projects that make a real difference to the communities. The projects that we support are
those involving schooling, sanitation, provision of safe water supplies, and community projects.  
Together with Father Marco, we work with the elders and community councils to ensure that all projects
are backed and supported by the local people.

We raise funds by donations and theatre fund-raising events and pride ourselves on not wasting money
on unnecessary administration – all money raised will go towards the For Life projects you want to

If you enjoy music and the theatre, then come and be part of something that you know will make a
difference in the life of somebody else. The pure joy of giving back what you have been given is an
undeniable experience. By buying a ticket, not only will you be having an entertaining evening, you will
be helping For Life to overcome poverty and suffering in Kotido Uganda.
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