Donate to For Life Childrens Charity
Donate to For Life Childrens Charity
Give children hope in Africa - Your donation will make a difference!

The availability of affordable food is an issue for all of us, but the hardest-hit
are the families and children of Africa.

For the families of Africa the rise in the cost of food is a disaster. Africans are
small holder farmers and small livestock-keepers, many of whom are not able
to produce sufficient amounts to meet the needs of their families, let alone
surplus to sell.

onate and support the  irrigation project that will sponsor the planting of
10,000 fruit trees in Kanawat Uganda. Through the For Life
community groups and local farmers will have access to financial resources to
execute community projects for irrigation and water development activities.

For life is
run by unpaid volunteers ensuring that all charity donations raised
go to where it is most  needed, helping the children and families of Africa
The For Life Onlus Childrens Charity is registered in the list of Italian non-profit organizations (Onlus) according
to the act n. 460 dated December 4 1997.
Give children a future in Africa, donate today
Your donation will make a difference !
For Life Charity African Children Need Our Support
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For Life charity believes
that Africa's poorest
children will only see real
and lasting change to their
lives through long term
rural development
programmes like those we
are supporting.

Make a charity donation to
help support our
programmes in Uganda

Make a personal charity
donation to the children of
Africa today!

Alternatively, you could
help us with a regular
charity donation each
month, enabling us to plan
ahead with confidence,
securing the long-term
future of poor African
families and there children.