For Life Charity African Children Need Our Support
Food: A right for everybody.

For Life accepted  the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in association with UNO and
FAO organizing an event on the 8 November 2008 in relation with the World Food Day in order to awaken public
opinion to the food shortage problems.

The event was held in the courtyard of the squires of the beautiful castle Visconti of Somma Lombardo (VA) and
consisted of three phases: first, the art exhibition of the sculptor Roberto Caccin, the works designed by the students of
Somma Lombardo secondary school and an art competition ‘live’ on the theme ‘ Food’ among the students of the Art
School of Busto Arsizio. The best paintings were awarded with air tickets to various destinations provided by Air One,
Air Italy and Malev.

In the interior rooms Baroness Maria Lucia Soares exhibited works realized on alcantara – a new technique- and
Daniela Passuello offered an overview of her botanical water colour collection, silver medal awarded in London.

In the second phase we debated famine with the presence of the European Commission rapporteur, the Scientific
Committee of ‘Natura Nostra’ and the students of the secondary school Ponti-Lega of Gallarate.

In the evening there was a Gala dinner where the guests were entertained with a "bel canto
Italian style " recital by the tenor Giovanni D'Amore and the pianist Stefano Nanni. Also performing was the soprano
lirico leggero Marine Guliashvili accompanied by the pianist Michel Frequin.
Somma Lombardo
Secondary School
I° Prize
Title: l'alimentazione un diritto per tutti
Painted by: Carini Virginia Giulia
5° Rodari
II° Prize
Title: Grano per il mondo
Painted by: Santicchia Martina
4aB Rodari
Busto Arsizio Art School
I° Prize
Title: metafora Africana
Painted by: Tomasini Federica
II° Prize
Title: il banchetto della fame
Painted by: Carlotta, Salvatore,
Giulia, Annalisa e Chiaraa
III° Prize
Title: L’alimentazione un diritto di tutti
Painted by: Francesca, Giureica, Leslie e
Awards Ceremony
Dott.ssa Giulia Bocchi the representative of
Milano for the  Commission Europe and the major of
Somma Lombardo Architect Guido Pietro Colombo
Dott. Florian Weighardt of
the Comitato scientifico di
Natura Nostra