Who We Are

For Life was founded in 2005 by a group of people working in the aviation industry in response to an emotional plea from Combonian Missionary, Father Marco Canovi.  Our first appeal was launched to provide much needed funding for a new school in Kotido Karamoja. Father Marco told a harrowing story of life in Uganda with drought, famine and civil war all contributing to the daily struggle for survival. Father Marco ignited the flame of our humanitarian concern. His resilience against the overwhelming odds he found was remarkable and inspiring to all of us. Forlife is administered by unpaid volunteers ensuring that all donations raised go to where it is most  needed, helping the children and families of Africa. Your donation can make a difference, help give children a future in Africa.

African children need our support, our guidance and  our willingness to succeed, the harrowing story of  life in Uganda with drought, famine and civil war all contribute to the daily struggle African children have for survival.